Seaford House Residential and Day Treatment for Troubled Teens

Licensed by the Department of Services to Children, Youth and their Families, Seaford House serves kids ages 12 to 17 who have been diagnosed with emotional or behavioral health issues. Youth are referred to the program by the Division of Prevention and Behavioral Health Services. Up to 10 youth may reside there, and an additional 8 may participate in day treatment.

Seaford House’s programming is based on the Boys Town Behavioral Model, focusing on three critical dimensions: Behavioral, Educational, and Clinical. Programming is highly individualized, using the strengths of each youth and his/her family. The staff includes paraprofessionals, certified teachers, therapists, and psychiatrists, all of whom work as a team, using a balanced approach of high expectations and nurturing attitudes.

For more information on Seaford House, please call (302) 629-6996.